How SIG operates today

Shamara Investment Group remains committed to the values and principles set by its founders six decades ago, which remains well observed as a major guidance in every action and decision made within the Group.

Our guiding principles are based on; doing what is right, our absolute thirst of knowledge, our commitment to achieving the desired results, teamwork, and accepting responsibility.

Work cycles at the Shamara Investment Group are carefully designed to ensure positive results and impact from the initiation of a project to the point at which it is finalised. All of our work is undertaken with the utmost effort to benefit the surrounding environment, the economy, the people, and the community at large.

At Shamara Investment Group we follow a strict code that focuses on sustainability, transparency, and accountability. As such, are committed to the continuous improvement of our services and the effectiveness of our projects by addressing different KPIs, risks, opportunities, and any other aspect that might affect our stakeholders.

Shamara Investment Group and its affiliates are audited by a big four auditing firm to ensure transparency and proper corporate governance.

Corporate Social Responsibility
Quality plans and Certificates
Environment, Health, and Safety