Mission, Vision and Values

We aim to ensure the Shamara Investment Group’s success and longevity by providing optimal quality work, client satisfaction, fine attention to details, and absolute commitment to timelines. We also seek to maintain long-term relationships with both our customers and suppliers, by articulating our professional ethos and observing our value system at all levels within the business.


We put our clients first – their success is our key priority. We want to provide consistent value for them – never compromising on quality or safety standards.

Our culture aims to inspire everyone in the Shamara Investment Group to bring their best to their work and continuously grow. We want to be an engaged and supportive employer, and in turn we rely on every one of our employees to contribute to a positive work culture.

We want to be a company that supports the places we are based in and an active part of our local communities.

As we look to the future, we are deeply conscious of the potential impact of our projects on the planet and are always looking for innovative solutions to make our work as eco-friendly as possible. We are committed to the belief that providing value for our clients cannot be separated from providing them with sustainable solutions.


Shamara Investment Group is a leading enterprise devoted to providing customers with the highest quality products and diverse services, exceeding customer expectations by successfully navigating quality, cost, and timeline commitments.

We strive to achieve success in our investments, always adhering to the strictest ethical and world-class standards. We also prioritise investing in our human resources and in servicing our communities to a high standard.


To become a global driving force in providing communities with sustainable, cost-effective, and quality solutions by utilising innovative technological, environmental, and financial techniques.


  • Integrity

    The adherence to moral and business ethics is fundamental to every decision we make
  • Unity

    A cohesive team working towards a clear vision is the backbone of all our accomplishments
  • Perseverance

    Setbacks will always be overcome by commitment, determination, and perseverance
  • Excellence

    Top-quality and cost-effective work is pursued
  • Accountability

    Work evaluation and accountability is a vital component of success