A message from the Chairman

Dear visitor,

Thank you for visiting our website. As the Chairman of the Shamara Investment Group, I want to extend a warm welcome and give you a brief insight into our work today.

We have been on a long and fruitful journey since the establishment of Shamara Investment Group in 1930 in Baghdad, where my grandfathers started businesses in trading, construction materials, property developments, and textiles. Over the following decades, we progressed into various markets, today being comprised of a solid group of diverse companies throughout Iraq and across the world.

Across each of our sectors, our activities are supported by our strong code of ethics, and an innovative approach to uncovering new potential. The vision of the Group is brought to life through unwavering dedication, timely delivery, and balanced corporate governance, supported by a commitment to the community and the environment at all times. We also take immense pride in our expert teams of industry professionals, who play a vital role in helping us achieve our goals.

We are continuing to widen our horizons, and as a result, are advancing in Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC), Hospitality and Real Estate development, and Retail. Our ambition is to build more bridges between the public and private sectors and present different lifestyle choices to our clients, stemming from our socially aware corporate objectives.

Our current accomplishments are always inspired by our heritage and achieved by our continuous advanced planning. Active, open, and motivated – our approach to materialising our objectives is what keeps Shamara Investment Group at the forefront of the sectors that we operate in.

With my warmest regards,

Ali Shamara