Investments - Steel


SHG along with regional partners Astra Industries ( ) made one of the largest and most strategic investments in the city of Basra, Iraq, to develop a mega-scale Iron & Steel Mill entitled Al Enmaa (  The state-of-the-art facility has an annual manufacturing capacity of 435,000 tons of steel billets and 300,000 tons of construction steel rebar.  The plant was developed to address the growing demand for building materials to support Iraq’s reconstruction efforts, furthermore to boost the country’s manufacturing capacity.

SHG has also made major investments in steels mills in Romania and Vietnam to extend its industrial product offering.



Al-Enmaa Steel Factory

500,000 Tons/Year Billets Production 300,000 Tons/Year Rebar Production.


Griro – Bucharest

Production Capacity: 20,000 MT

Griro manufactures products for applications in refineries, petrochemicals, gas industries, and power plants. Products include: reactors, columns, and heat exchangers, plus pressure vessels, air coolers, condensers, evaporators, separators, absorbers…etc.

Quatron Steel – Vietnam

Production Capacity: 42,000 MT

Quatron Steel specializes in heavy and special steel design, fabrication, and erection.