Shamara Holding Group (SHG) is one of the oldest and largest conglomerates in the Middle East with a history dating back to 1930.  Over the course of time, SHG has evolved into a highly diversified group and has developed a set of leading companies in predominantly the Oil & Gas, Power, Water, and Infrastructural sectors.  Today, SHG’s combined contracting and investment portfolio is in excess of USD$ 10 billion, and the group remains at the forefront of development in the key growth market of Iraq. Over the years, Shamara’s success story flourished despite many challenges; this sense of determination, coupled with a tangible promise of quality work, gained the company multiplying achievements, trusted partners, seasoned personnel and a prestigious reputation. Most notably, Shamara was among the very first Iraqi entities to introduce EPC (Engineering, Procurement, and Construction contracts) to the market in Iraq, employing 100% local staff. Project cycles at Shamara are carefully designed to ensure positive results and impact from initiation to finalization, starting with extensive research, all the way up to ensuring sustainable futures for all projects, supported by Shamara’s own machinery and equipment. This is performed with utmost efforts to benefit the surrounding environment, the economy, the people, and the community at large. Today, Shamara Holding Group continues to crown new and existing markets, through more ecologicallyaware choices and expanding developments, among a progressive range of modern, cutting-edge industry solutions. These efforts and strategies all serve to pursue Shamara’s vision of becoming a world-leader, both in the industrial and investment sectors. Shamara is constantly seeking to establish itself as an international player through various accreditations; as such, it has proudly achieved the ISO 9001, 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certificates.

We have come a long and fruitful way since the establishment of Shamara Group in 1930 in Baghdad, Iraq, where my grandfathers initiated businesses in trading, construction materials, property developments, and textiles. Decade after decade, we have gone through a series of progressions in various markets; today, we compose a solid group of diverse companies throughout Iraq, as well as regionally and internationally. Across all of our sectors, operations are supported by a historical common code of ethics, and an innovative outlook towards unraveling new potential. This vision comes to life through Shamara’s unwavering dedication, timely delivery, and balanced corporate governance, braced by responsible commitment towards the community and the environment at all times. We also take immense pride in our expert teams of top industry professionals, who embody one of the Group’s most important pillars. As we make great strides in driving our competitive advantage into wider horizons, we are advancing in PPP (public private partners), EPC, and Real Estate development. Our aspirations seek to build more bridges between the public and private sectors, stemming from our socially-aware corporate ambitions. At any given point, our current accomplishments are always esteemed through our heritage, and inspired by constant futuristic plans. Active, open, and motivated – our approach to materializing our objectives is what keeps Shamara Holding Group in the frontier of its business fields. 

Our Achievement


To ensure Shamara Holding Groups’ longevity by providing optimal quality work, customer satisfaction, fine attention to detail, and absolute commitment to timelines. We also seek to maintain long-term relationships with both our customers and suppliers, by articulating professional attitude and observing our value system at all levels within the Group.

Shamara’S Future Outlook

At the heart of Shamara’s longstanding corporate culture, lies the philosophy that social and economic development must be in harmony across its entire operations. Shamara Holding Group persistently seeks to attain sustainability; this transpires through constantly updated efforts that lean towards cleaner renewable energy, seed investments, youth empowerment, and alternative banking solutions in underdeveloped – yet sizable – markets of the population, among a host of other environmentally and communally conscious endeavors.

Important Facts & Achievements

  • 1st Iraqi company who undertook an EPC contract in Baghdad in 2005.
  • Employs 100% Iraqi staff.
  • 1st Iraqi company to commission and operate a power plant with 100% Iraqi staff (South Baghdad Project).
  • 1st Iraqi company to undertake an IPP Project (Samawa Project).
  • 1st Iraqi company to sign a sovereign guarantee (Rumaila IPP Project).
  • Owns a fleet of construction equipment including: Cranes, Loaders, Graders, Excavators, Bulldozers, Trucks, Concrete Pumps and Batching Plants.
  • ISO 9001, 14001, and OHSAS 18001 certificated.

Financial Strength

Annual Audited Turnover ($USM)

7.85% Average Annual Growth Rate

Zero Long Term Debt Obligations